Bedroom Remodeling Tips and Tricks – Part 2


Despite following all of Peter Pan’s advice, and no matter how difficult Lady Wendy tried, she still couldn’t fly. It wound up taking a little sprinkle of Tinkerbell dust to finally get her off and up the ground. If you’re still having difficulty getting started, here’s some dust of the bedroom layout variety to allow you to fill your sails and get up your head where it belongs:

Don’t Overdo It—You’ll never hear those 3 words voiced in Neverland, but in bedroom design land, they’re phrases to live by. stresses the importance of not over crowding, noting that “the bedroom is your personal room, and should be open rather than claustrophobic.” That means getting rid of the computer desk, the dressing table you never use, and replacing furniture that is unnecessary with obtrusive storage alternatives, like getting rid of your bedside table and installing out of the way shelving instead. (more…)